Saturday, February 23, 2013

Behold the Worldwide Feeding Frenzy

In an extraordinary convergence of awful international events a lot of us are looking on somewhere between horror and bewilderment as the Catholic church cannibalizes itself; old Republicans chew on their younger, hipper conservative cohort even as it tries to save the geezers from themselves; and our good Governor Goodhair dines out on obfuscation and half-truths in an effort to lure Californians from one state in budgetary distress to another -- all the while turning his back on the hundreds of thousands of poor women and children who will be without health care due to his proud rejection of billions in federal aid designed to help them.

It's enough to cause indigestion in anyone with a conscience.

Yet here we are once again, in front row seats at the theater of nutty national governance as it threatens to throw the country into financial chaos unless the petulant adolescents who pass for a congressional delegation can somehow get their act together and elevate country above petty squabbles.

We haven't seen much of the bipartisanship our poor, delusional president still seems to think is possible, so we must commend the Neanderthals who took office with the sole goal of stymieing President Obama at every turn for making good on their sick promise. I have never wished so fervently for Molly's voice as I have in recent weeks.  I can see her now, hunkered down at her computer, reassembling carefully researched data and committing to paper -- well, computer screen -- an evisceration of the men and women who profess such grand love of country, even as they invest inordinate energy in dismantling it.
I can see sweat running down the side of her face as she calls to account the likes of Michelle Bachmann, the stunningly vapid Minnesota  Tea (Party) brain who has denied global warming; denounced non-existent "death panels" as part of the president's health care program; accused a White House staffer of being a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer; and impugned the character of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Oh wait -- Bachmann also famously suggested in a campaign event that the 2011 earthquake and hurricane that struck the Eastern seaboard were messages from God -- adding, for good measure, one of the year's weirdest nonsequiturs: "Listen to the American people because...(t)hey know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending."

As an ardent feminist, it would not elude Mol's sense of irony that Bachman sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.



Sweet Jesus.

Yes, here we are, on the eve of an ill-conceived congressional plan that would cut funding for pre-school education programs and eliminate thousands of jobs in the public and private sector, all because a die-hard, intellectually impotent bunch of flag-pin-wearing pinheads who love their country so very much that they're prepared to drive it into the ground.

Talk about stirring it up...

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  1. Hear! Hear!
    Or I should say... Hey, Listen UP!