Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hey, You're Blocking the View!

So there I was, doing my last-minute holiday card shopping when I ran into a person I like a lot but see too seldom. We fell into playing catch-up, standing at the corner of a display stand filled with books. Suddenly I noticed we were blocking the view of a prominently displayed memoir penned by yours truly.

My friend, endowed with a wonderfully wicked sense of humor, stood up one of the books, the better to be seen -- and lo and behold, a young lady approached, did a little look-see, picked it up and  began to thumb through it. Genevieve, my friend, promptly announced, "Hey, if you want to buy that book now, the author is right here and she'll sign it for you." Sure enough the prospective buyer did indeed buy it and had me sign it to her mother.

Delighted with her newly found marketing skill, Genevieve stood up another book.  Within minutes a second woman walked by and picked that one up.  Meanwhile, along came mutual friend Carlton, who jocularly chided us for "hanging out in a bookstore corner drumming up business," pretty much making it sound as though we'd been conscripted into the world oldest profession. We had a good laugh and prepared to disperse when the woman decided to buy not one but two books. Before she left, Genevieve again volunteered that "the author would be happy to sign your books for you."

Whereupon a store employee, having verified my identity, asked me to sign 20 more.

What a nice way to spend an hour on a dreary Wednesday afternoon. Of course buying books is always a great reason to just plain spend.

Tomorrow is the day I return all those CDs in their appropriate cases.


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