Sunday, December 18, 2011

Whew: Home!

The  200-mile drive home was uneventful, mainly because I steer clear of dimwits weaving in and out of lanes because even dimmer dimwits refuse to relinquish the passing lane. I'm increasingly convinced that the first rule of survival in driving Texas highways and byways is to just stay to the right -- a difficult rule to obey, given my leftist inclinations to just about everything.

Speaking of which, I am as happy as any mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt and uncle who has someone home from the God-forsaken debacle in Iraq.  Here's hoping that when the weeping and hugging and welcoming die down someone will return to reviewing the stupid reason we went there. And maybe someone will keep tabs on the civilian leftovers ostensibly there to (one hopes) rebuild roads, schools, bridges, water systems and other necessary infrastructure -- you know, all the stuff that was intact before we blew it all to hell for no good reason.

Oh yeah: Saddam Hussein, the megalomaniac we supported until we decided not to support him anymore.  Maybe the some of the dunderheads in Congress will remember what happened when the late U.S. Representative Charlie Wilson (D-Texas) tried to get Congress to approve funds for Afghanistan after we helped them expunge the Russians. The Afghans proved to be formidable warriors. So then ole Charlie goes back and says "Hey guys, we blew their country all to hell in helping them, how's about we go back in a show of good faith and build some schools and hospitals and stuff like that?" and Congress said, "Nope; we've spent enough." And Charlie said," Yeah, well if we don't, we run the risk of letting somebody else do it." And Congress said, "OK; not our problem anymore."

And the power-hungry among our formerly friendly Taliban said "OK" too.

Goodbye U.S. troops.

Hello Taliban.

At least some of our troops are home.


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