Monday, December 19, 2011

Only 30 hours and 30 Minutes More...

...and the official seasonal food frenzy continues; you know, the one that began November 24.

In that glorious periodic occurrence when Hanukah eases up on Christmas via some convoluted formula that I don't ever need to understand -- as long as it periodically eases up-- latkes, lots and lots of latkes will once again be my BFFs. My non-grated-potato friend who usually hosts this wonderful greasy fest, is going a step beyond her usual repast and including her incredible garlic-laden brisket; herb-grilled salmon; and something else vegetable-y and salad-y. Who cares. Bring on the greasy stuff.

By the time that's digested, it will be time for a North Austin couple's annual Christmas Eve secret Santa gift exchange, which is always a quarter past too much fun.  Gifts range from tasteful to "are you kidding me?" Just as there is too much fun there is almost too much food. That revelry is followed by The Day, which this year will be a Cajun Christmas (since I committed the real thing in New Orleans this past Turkey Day).  We then have six days to persuade ourselves we will never eat and/or drink that much again, a resolve that dissolves on New Year's Eve.

 Rather than indulge in guilt as well, I'm dragging out the debit card for the Capital Area Food Bank (; Mobile Loaves and Fishes ( --I'm partial to Genesis Gardens, which encourages the homesless to grow, cook and share meals made with their produce; and Heifer International ( Many of us will eat well this holiday season, too many otherwise might not.

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  1. Having fun with friends, eating incredible wonderful meals, saving the world and blogging it all at the same time!

    Sweets, you're a piece of work!
    Happy Holidays!
    Get a napkin, there's a greasy spot on your chin.